If you travel through Clifton Park you know that you can't go just a few yards without your choice of chain restaurants. Although there is nothing wrong with them, a local husband and wife are building a new tavern restaurant that they are hoping changes that feel. They want their new eatery to be part of the community with a hometown feel.

Mel Hathaway is not unfamiliar with a chain restaurant. He has operated many but now wants to open up his own local restaurant in Clifton Park. He is building and creating The Flats Restaurant & Tavern that will be located at 675 Grooms Road in Clifton Park. It sits at the end of retail space that is brand new according to Albany Business Review.

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What Will The Flats Restaurant & Tavern be Like?

Hathaway said that he is able to build it from the ground up because it is a new space. It will be a 3600 square-foot restaurant with plenty of seating. There is room for 130 inside with 28 tables plus outside seating as well. 15 tables will be on the 1000 square-foot covered patio accommodating 60 more customers.

What will Their Menu be Like?

The plan is to serve elevated tavern food in a cool industrial-type setting. Chef Stefan Watts, who was once the head chef at legendary Smith's in Cohoes for nine years, will be the executive chef. They plan on giving the menu a cajun twist because both Hathaway and Watts have training in Louisiana. They will serve lunch and dinner along with Sunday brunch. Dishes that will be on the menu are fried green tomato and blackened shrimp po'boy with smoked bacon and a Creole remoulade sauce. There will be elevated burger dishes as well.

Hathaway Says Clifton Park Needs a Hometown Restaurant

I think the area needs another restaurant tavern, someplace that we can all call home and be part of the community here and I'm pretty confident that community is going to support us. All the places up here are extremely busy. ... And I'm going to offer them just something a little bit different.

The Flats Restaurant & Tavern hopes to open in May.

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