This week Levack and Goz is broadcasting live from Radio Row in Houston. New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia joined the show to discuss his time in Upstate New York.

Goz: Hey coach, we’re from Albany the Capital Region you played your ball at RPI give a little shout out to the capital region your time you spent here in the 518.
Coach: Yeah, I mean obviously it’s great being out in that area Troy, I spent a lot of time in Lake George, Saratoga, Albany and all of that. So, great part of my life and obviously instrumental to where I am.
Goz:  Now I know you’re an RPI Engineer, but I played football at Hobart, do you have any thoughts on the Hobart Statesmen that you can say on the radio?
Coach: I almost went to Hobart, that was Coach Maxwell who used to be at Syracuse University back in the day, obviously growing up in that area so yeah I looked at them real hard.
Goz: I’m not even done yet, you went to Vernon-Verona-Sherrill up in Class B section 3. Did you ever play against a Solvay Bearcats (my alma mater) back in the day?
Coach: We played in Solvay in the Section 3 championship.
Goz: 1991?
Coach: That would be 1991. What was the score?
Goz: You guys smoked them like 52-7 or something.
Coach: That’s what it was, yeah you’re right
Goz: How good was that VVS team in '91? I’m sure people in the Capital Region need to find out right?
Coach:  Yeah, I mean I would categorize it as one of the best. I know the class that came after us thinks they were but, I think we did a heck of a job there.
In the video below Coach Patricia also addressed if he would actually shave his unique beard if offered a NFL head coaching job.

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