At least one Cowboysw fan is feeling very confident about how this season will end.

Jordan Garnett roots for America's Team and is so sure Dak Prescott and company will win Super Bowl LI (that's Super Bowl 51 for you Roman numeral illiterates) that he got a tattoo commemorating it.

It's a bold fashion statement and will come back to haunt him should the Cowboys fall short in the postseason. As good as the season has been, no team with a rookie behind center has ever hoisted the Lombardi Trophy.

There's also the matter of jinxing the team. Getting some ink before the playoffs even kick off certainly runs the risk of falling into that category. And then there's also the matter of being a student of history. Garnett would be wise to heed the tale of this Indians fan who got a World Series champions tattoo before the team lost Game 7 to the Cubs back in October. That's a decision that's going to stay with him every time he looks at his arm.

You've been warned, Mr. Garnett.

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