Let's start from the beginning here. When the Madden 2021 ratings came out and Buffalo Bills' QB Josh Allen had a 99 arm strength rating and Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes had a 98. Mahomes said on ESPN that he wanted a "Throw off" to prove the ratings wrong. Then Allen accepted the Challenge on the NFL Network. This needs to happen and it needs to spark the return of the "Quarterback Challenge."

Here's a refresher on how great the NFL Quarterback Challenge was!

At the 2018 NFL Combine, Mahomes was clocked at 60 mph while Allen's ball speed topped out at 62 mph. I feel like Allen does in fact have the stronger arm but Mahomes is a competition beast. Based on the odds below I think I'd take Allen for speed and distance but if they add accuracy and have the full QB Challenge Mahomes wins.

Odds are courtesy of SportsBetting.ag

Player with longest throw in "throw-off" 
Josh Allen +110
Patrick Mahomes -140

Player with fastest throw in "throw-off"
Josh Allen -130
Patrick Mahomes +100

Longest throw by Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes in "throw-off" 
Over 83.5 yards
Under 83.5 yards

Fastest throw by Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes in "throw-off"
Over 60.5 mph
Under 60.5 mph

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