One of the very first sponsors of the afternoon show was our friends at Deathwish Coffee. It's been amazing to watch these guys grow their brand and make the world's strongest coffee. Last February Mike Brown and his merry band of coffee loving professionals won the Big Game Commercial contest and everyone watching the Super Bowl was introduced to Deathwish Coffee. Now they are invading the world of Nascar. Deathwish will be the primary sponsor of the #95 car driven by Ty Dillon at Dover In ternational Speedway October 2nd. 

“I’m really not a morning person, so I enjoy a cup of coffee to get me moving,” Dillon said. “Death Wish Coffee has mastered the blend of beans and its roasting process to produce the perfect cup. Now, they’re trying to spread the word about the ‘World’s Strongest Coffee."


Courtesy of Richard Childress Racing and Deathwish Coffee

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