Levack’s Locks: (1-2) 10-10-1 

This time of year is normally no news is good news as the trade deadline approaches in the NFL. However this year it’s like the MLB has possessed the NFL with blockbuster deals going down almost daily. I have to admit I am avoiding certain teams this week because I’m just not sure if they’ll be the same team by game day. I went 1-2 last week for the second straight week and I’m not happy so this week it’s back to my gut.

The Kansas City Chiefs are at worst the third best team in all of football and possibly the best overall team depending on the match up. This will shock you because of my complete and total lack of faith in Denver Broncos starting quarterback Case Keenum but I like the Broncos at home against the Chiefs. I see a lot of life left in that Von Miller lead defense and the offense is good enough to score points against KC. 10 points is just too many. I’ll take the Broncos +10

There’s only one team that I will put above the Chiefs right now and that’s the Los Angeles Rams. Green Bay has Aaron Rodgers so I’m not going to guarantee this win but the Rams are  just a better team top to bottom or soup to nuts as some say. The Packers are bringing a QB to a entire team fight in LA, I’ll take the Rams - 9.5

Finally I’ve said time and time again I love the way Sean McDermott is building the Buffalo Bills and I think they seem to succeed despite a hollowed out roster. The Patriots are in world beater mold but the Bills will follow a solid game plan and Derek Anderson had a week to knock the rust off. The Cap will be rocking and who knows what the fans will throw at Brady this time, Give me the Bills at home + 14

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