The news that Houston Texans franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson has reportedly requested a trade has fans of the New York Jets excited that he could be their QB. The thought of a 25-year-old franchise quarterback joining the Jets and making them legitimate at that position for the first time in YEARS is intoxicating but might be far fetched. ESPN Jets Insider Rich Cimini feels that the Jets' chances of landing Watson are unlikely at best.

Let's be perfectly clear, Cimini thinks the Jets should absolutely go after Deshaun Watson, but a combination of the price being too high and Watson's no-trade clause gives him pause. With options out there like a far more complete Miami Dolphins team and a long list of teams that feel like they're only a quarterback away why would Watson choose the Jets?

Here's more quarterback drama for you, Rich Cimini isn't convinced that the position is between Watson and incumbent Sam Darnold. There's a lot of attention being paid to BYU QB Zach Wilson right now, who would certainly be available for the Jets with the second overall pick of the NFL Draft. Cimini lays out how the Jets could possibly add Watson and what the effect of Woody Johnson's return could have on any potential moves for the Jets below in his interview with Levack and Charlie.

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