Okay so here's the story, while on a NYC sports talk show voice of the Yankees Suzyn Waldman told a story about Yankees prospect Clint Frazier asking for Mickey Mantle's number 7. Basically the young fun loving Out Fielder said something to the effect of "Do the Yankees ever UN-retire number?" because he wanted good ole number 7. Since the interview Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Clint Frazier have denied that conversation ever took place and Suzyn has since apologized to Frazier for being incorrect.

I think the conversation totally happened because you may not like Suzyn Waldman and she may have the kind of voice many Yankees fans could do without but she is a true reporter. So I don't believe she would ever go public with a story she didn't 100% believe in.

Here's the funny part if you really followed Mickey Mantle you'd know #7 was his second big league Yankees' number. Originally in an attempt to anoint Mickey as the next in line of great players like Babe Ruth(3), Lou Gehric(4) and Joe Dimaggio(5) Mickey debuted in April of 1951 as #6. He was sent back to Triple A in that July only to return that August as #7. Some still believe to this day the stress of #6 and living up to the legends of Babe, Lou and Joe at the time was too much for Mantle. So i find it funny a young and totally unproven prospect would actually WANT to attempt to live up to the legend of MICKEY MANTLE.

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