The Buffalo Bills superstar said something that caused some in Bills Mafia to react not so kindly.

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When the Bills signed Von Miller it surprised many "experts." Several thought he would stay in Los Angeles with the Rams after winning the Super Bowl. He also had an offer from the Dallas Cowboys. Those are 2 big cities with bright lights that fit the stereotypical "superstar" model of the NFL.

Times are changing though. The Bills have Josh Allen. The team wins a lot. Buffalo itself is growing and bouncing back. The team is secure with a new stadium on the way. They are Super Bowl Favorites. That all lead to them landing Von Miller. It wasn't a surprise to us in Western New York but was to some of the national people. Who cares what they think, though?

Since his arrival, there's been an eyebrow-lifting moment or two. Specifically, the revenge-porn lawsuit that was filed against him, but seems to be over with.

Then there were some comments he made at an event for his foundation. To be honest and fair, most people and Bills fans really didn't think much of it and still don't. A handful of people in the Bills fan community got miffed on Twitter when they saw Miller said he would root for the Broncos if the Bills don't win it all:

Now you can't blame him for that. He played a lot of years in Denver and won a Super  Bowl there. He has his charity there and has spent a ton of time investing in that community. It would be like one of our beloved players leaving after investing a ton of time in Buffalo and then saying they were rooting for us still. It's a nice gesture and very much like our slogan, "the city of good neighbors."

Yet, some people, of course on Twitter, were going off about this. Or were they? As one person tweeted:

Probably true. The more and more you look at this feed the more you see pretty well-established Bills fans saying who cares? Go sack the QB and help the Bills win a Super Bowl.

Then, of course, there was this quote...

However, as always, there's more to a quote so before you overreact, this tweet explains it better:

So the answer, as always, is SOME Bills fans are angry about this stuff, but the majority are just waiting for football to start so we can talk more about that and less about this stuff.

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