The Stewart's brand is famous for using the tagline "Did You Know?" when marketing and promoting sale items, in-store specials, and new arrivals - but this is an announcement that had no prior notice.

Did You Know?

It came as a  complete shock to me as I was just inside it a few days ago getting milkshakes, but an Albany Reddit user posted a photo of the popular Stewarts with a sign on the door that said, "Permanently Closed."

Photo: Albany Reddit
Stewart's at 10 New Scotland Avenue Permanently Closed Photo: Albany Reddit


This particular Stewart's Shops, located at 10 New Scotland Avenue near Dana Ave, was popular for many in Albany who live, work, or visit the area in and around the growing Albany Medical Center hub.

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Any information about this Stewart's has vanished off the web

A Google search of this location also shows that it has been closed, and on the official Stewart's Shops website, the page that had been dedicated to this branch no longer exists.

Photo: Google
Stewart's on New Scotland comes up closed if you do a Google search

Why did it close?

Currently, there are over 330 Stewart's Shops spread out over parts of New York and Vermont, but that number will contain one fewer, and while the reason for this shutdown hasn't been disclosed, Stewart's seems to be doing away with some of the smaller locations, specifically targeting ones without gas pumps.

Stewart's Shops addressed the lack of size when they shut down other locations, including the one earlier this year at 1560 Central Ave in Albany stating, "The location does not have the ability to accommodate the equipment or space needed to expand food-to-go offerings or gasoline and cannot expand to meet the needs of customers."

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