Sal Pal joins us every week and we could not wait to have him on the show this week so he could go off on John Harbaugh for going for a two point conversion late in the game for the 2nd time in the 3 weeks. It was the same result for the Ravens as they fell out of the playoff picture. Listen to our interview with Sal above where he touches on a bevy of topics including the looming Bills-Patriots matchup and read an excerpt below!

"It wasn't the same play, it was a different play. That was a sprint right option where he cut off half the field so you know he's 2 for 8 now on 2 point tries. That’s not a very good percentage especially when the game is on the line. If you’re going to run two point tries where it’s do or die, you have to have plays that work Rodger."


The Albany FireWolves didn’t win the game Saturday against Rochester, but they still won the night. Team President George Manias knows how to put on a show for the fans and he didn’t disappoint. Fans were treated to an action packed game of indoor lacrosse, and pure entertainment from start to finish. My guess is the team will be good this season despite their  struggles in the home opener. One thing that will never disappoint is the entertainment value for the fans when attending a Firewolves game. Manias will have it no other way.

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