What you are about to see is a snapshot, a moment in time, that represents the heroics of New York State first responders. These men and women that serve and protect us day in and day out risk it all for people they have never met.

Take the 2 minutes and 23 seconds to see the heart pounding, life saving and emotional rescue mission as it unfolded. Body Cam footage will show the submerged vehicle and the lengths officials went through to save a life in Leray, NY.

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According to the New York State Police Newsroom, on Saturday May 7th, there was a one car accident where a vehicle went off the road, landing in a retaining pond. Scariest part was that the female driver was still in the car as it started to take on water.

When first responders reached the driver she was already submerged up to her shoulders and unable to move out of the front seat. As the seconds ticked away the vehicle shifted and started to sink further.

YouTube.com-NYSP PIO
YouTube.com-NYSP PIO

Reports indicate that, as the vehicle began to shift, the front compartment filled with water submerging the driver. Responders stated that they could see the driver’s hair floating to the glass of the sunroof.

With very little time left, rescuers began striking the sunroof with intentions of pulling her out of the vehicle. It took a few strikes but they were successful and able to remove the woman from the vehicle, conscious and alert.

YouTube.com-NYSP PIO
YouTube.com-NYSP PIO

The female driver was treated then arrested for DWI, Aggravated Unlicensed Operation and speeding. Watch the video below to see it all unfold.

Thank you to Trooper Christopher J. Hardy, Evans Mills Assistant Fire Chief John Russel, Trooper Ryan L. Gentile, Trooper Rexford C. Reynolds and  Evans Mills firefighters.

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