The "sports leader" should just come out and be honest of their agenda. It seems clear to me that ESPN has issues with some  ardent Christian athletes and broadcasters. Perhaps If Tebow came out today and declared himself a former Christian or an atheist I bet the campaign to destroy Tebow's career would end.

Let's see it was Chris Broussard last week who didn't glow over the fact that Jason Collins admitted he was gay. Broussard, while filming a segment on " Outside the Lines" claimed Collins was a  sinner and going against the bible. All of a sudden Broussard "disappeared" from ESPN TV for a few days, surfacing later on a Pacers-Hawks playoff broadcast. The network even put out a statement that they didn't agree and blah blah blah.....Who needs ESPN to agree? Nothing Broussard said was out of malice, anger, hatred. He was asked a question and he answered it honestly, even if you disagree with his view. Funny how that works at ESPN. I disagreed with Broussard but respect his opinion. Funny for a communications network ESPN doesn't seem to like or care for communications that go against their own beliefs.

The hate Tebow campaign is in full steam. If I didn't know better I would think that behind the scenes the head honchos have taken a "Fidel Castro" like approach, like if we don't agree you will not be heard from.

ESPN is now running some story about some organization out of Jacksonville that has put a petition on line from supposed Jacksonville fans who don't want Tebow on their club. That's fine. No issue with that. But a story on Tell me what other backup quarter back gets even a 20th of the coverage of Tebow? Answer-NONE.

Course this isn't new. ESPN has mocked and belittled Tebow at every turn, yet they crave to cover him. For example the minute by minute coverage of Jets training camp last season.

It seems to be that ESPN has made it it's mission to see that Tebow gets no opportunity with any NFL team. Heck they run cover stories from the likes of Warren Moon who claimed that Tebow wouldn't be any good in the CFL. If I didn't know any better I would think ESPN has made it it's mission that Tebow not play football anymore.

I see bigotry  behind ESPN's anti Christian agenda. Be it Broussard, Tebow it doesn't matter. I find it sickening to be honest, and I am not a Christian. By the way ESPN's anti Christian agenda the way I see it is not unique. Many " News" outlets do the exact same thing including ABC which is part of the ESPN  "family."

Funny how these " journalists" who claim no bias and expose bigotry, at least in their minds, have some of the most ardent bigots the way I see it. If Tebow announced today he was retiring from football I am guessing the honchos at ESPN would throw a party and high five each other like " Good job we got rid of the Christian fella."

This doesn't surprise me as in my view ESPN's integrity has gone down the cesspool, from their Bernie Fine witch hunt and other bogus stories they have conjured up and including stealing breaking sports stories from other outlets.