I don't care what side of the political isle you are on if any. Just the reputation is known. Flip flop and take any and all positions..In that vein we have Zach Tomaselli who has changed his story so many times he could write for Walt Disney Films. After claiming last week that he was pressured into claiming former Syracuse assistant Basketball coach Bernie Fine molested him when he was a boy, now this clown says he was abused. Last week he said he was lying. This week he claims a mental breakdown led to that claim.

There is no denying Tomaselli has mental issues. he claimed during his "breakdown" that the 1st supposed victim Bobby Davis made him lie about Fine. He claimed last week he was sick of the lie and wanted to get the burden off his chest. "It has become a burden of a lie and I am sick of it" was Tomaselli's claim last week. Today not so much.

Davis whose original claim stunk to those who actually cared enough to look at the facts (me) said he never told Tomaselli to lie. Davis told ESPN's Mark Schwartz last friday (after Tomeselli said he was lying all along) he enevr told Tomasellu what to tell the police and has spoken to Tomaselli  'once or twice' on the phone and it lasted only 3 to 4 minutes. Yeah so what does that mean Davis?

I claimed right from the start this case had stink written all over it. Won't rewrite the entire episode but so many things have seemed suspicious to me. An ambulance chasing lawyer named Gloria Allred, Tomaselli himself a child rapist who is heading to jail, Davis who seemed shifty, ESPN mad they got scooped on the Penn State Scandal, a supposed 4th 'victim' who later admitted he lied and oh by the way he is a convict, abrother in law who also claims he was molested by Fine but didn't want to do anything about it when the case 1st surfaced years ago, a police investigation that didn't turn up enough evidence to bring charges, a mad Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim blasting the supposed victims then recanting after special interest groups brought heat against Boeheim.

A series of events that even had Fine's wife laurie claimed she knew about the abuse, then later to find out she was having sex with Davis and reports she was sleeping with some Syracuse players of the past. Yes can you say bizarre. throw in a media that has a hang em high mentality, especially when it comes to alleged White criminals (see Duke lacrosse) and well we have this now a complete circus.

Last week Tomaselli  when asked about lying claimed " I don't care"  when asked about lying for so long about supposedly being abused-now it seems he cares again.

It is now I that doesn't care about this creep Tomaselli and his legion of lies!

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