Meal-Prep Your Way Into 2021
The New Year always comes packed with resolutions and goals about cutting back on eating out, fitness, eating healthier, etc. All of it can seem very overwhelming, but I'm here with a list of seven products that will make meal-planning and eating at home more often a breeze!

Chowderfest 2019: How Us Chowda-Holics Beat Winter’s Freeze
Nothing is better than a hot, creamy, delicious bowl of chowder especially this time of year. Whether you like yours loaded up with clams, potatoes, corn, chicken, bacon, cheese, ham or all the above, nothing warms your insides and makes you happier during Winter's deep freeze quite like a piping ho…
How to Eat Corn on the Cob in Ten Seconds
This is clever -- gotta try this at home because as you know it's exhausting to actually manually turn the cob as you eat. We all have busy lives and this is a real time saver!
If you do send us a video, we will hook you up. If you decide to do this, don't drink and have some idea on how to…

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