The NFL Draft is just a couple days away.  Leading up to the big day, we really don't have much of a clue what the Bills will do.  This is a list of what they've already done.

Brandon Beane starting making the draft calls in 2018.  His very first pick as the General Manager of the Buffalo Bills is a pretty popular one at this point.  Although it wasn't necessarily overwhelmingly popular at the time, it's proven to be the best call he's made so far.  His first pick...was Josh Allen.

He went on that year to pick another first rounder in Tremaine Edmunds.

But how did he do with the rest of his picks?  Has he been on fire the whole time?  Or did he have some duds?

Truthfully, at this point, it's still too early to tell.  Just three years in, many of these players are starting to finally settle in to their roles.  There's no question that as a team, they're much better since Beane and Coach McDermott have taken over.  It's exciting to be a Bills fan again.

I went through and looked back at every single pick Brandon Beane has made as the General Manager of the Buffalo Bills.  This is just the talent that he's acquired through the draft.  Of course it doesn't include players that he's traded for like Stefon Diggs and Cole Beasley.

He's made 23 picks since he's been here.  Only four of those picks are no longer on the team.  One of them is a star in Cleveland, one is a star in Pittsburgh.  Austin Proehl became the first player to score a touchdown in the new XFL.

He hasn't been perfect on his picks...but he's done pretty well.  As I said's exciting to be a Bills fan again!

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