Steve Williams is acting like a disgruntled boyfriend who was done wrong by his scandalous girlfriend.

After spending 11 years with caddie Steve Williams, Tiger Woods decided he needed to make a change.  Steve Williams didn't take the news too well.  "I was absolutely shocked that I got the boot to be honest with you," Williams said.  "I've caddied for the guy for 11 years, I've been incredibly loyal to the guy and I got short shrifted.  Very disappointed."

Steve Williams carried the bag for another victorious golfer, Adam Scott, and let loose after a successful triumph at the Bridgestone on Sunday.  "I've been caddying for 33 years and I've never had a bigger win."

Steve Williams is acting like a dissed boyfriend who was done wrong by his hoochie girlfriend.  He's overly-emotional and caught up in the moment.  His feelings were hurt.  This is something that all of us have experienced.  We can relate to Stevie's pain.  However, it doesn't mean it's right for Williams to express his dismay publicly.  Turn the page, Stevie.  Move on, bud.