Whether you are a die-hard sports fan, or not, you probably have a piece of sports memorabilia in your home. Earlier this week asked Twitter what your favorite pieces of sports memorabilia they own. Here are 15 of the best submissions in no particular order:

1.) From @GarySheffieldJR: Bat signed by the entire 04-05 Yankees team.

Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, Hideki Matsui, and well, Gary Sheffield are among the players featured on this bat. This one is hard to beat.


2.) Submitted by Brian Brownfield: Oakland A's autographed bowling pin clock, and a Vin Scully Autographed picture set:

I have never seen a bowling pin clock in my entire life, let alone an Oakland A's one. I dig it though. This submission is like a back-to-back home run.


3.) Submitted by @Nutzypoo_ttv: An autographed Roberto Clemente poster:

You had me at Roberto Clemente.. Not only is this a special piece of sports memorabilia, it has a special story behind it. That's my favorite part.


4.) Submitted by @Arikaplan1: A mantle signed by Ernie Bank's:

Alright, Ari.. We have to hear the full story behind this one! What a conversation starter when you have company over!


5.) Submitted from @Noidy1963: A Joe DiMaggio autographed napkin:

How cool is this one?! Imagine being at a conference, and you run into Joe DiMaggio.. Would you go up to him and ask for an autograph? I know I would have. Not only does this person have an autograph from one of the GOATs in baseball, but they also have one from the NBA.


6.) Submitted from @BradeyLiverio: Seat from the Original Yankee Stadium:

I am all for owning stadium or ballpark seats and bringing it to your own home. Just imagine all of the people who have sat in this seat and the moments they witnessed. Now that chair is in your own living room. Pretty cool.


7.) Submitted from @JasonRomano, Signed Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden baseball:

This is a great submission from Jason.. If you don't know about Jason's relationship with Darryl you have to read his book!


8.) Submitted by @ChadIanB: 1986 Mets Signed poster:

Any Mets fan, or baseball fan knows how special this team was in 1986. So many legends were on this team. Nice submission here by Chad!



9.) Submitted by @DWright1398: "All of it!"

While it's not just one piece, it's the set-up! This is what you consider a perfect Zoom backdrop. Devon was born for 2020!


10.) Submitted by @The1Tab: Hockey pucks signed by the entire 1980 US men's hockey team:

'Do you believe in miracles!?' This is so cool, Tab. Any sports fan knows this is one of the greatest sports moments of all time, and one many will never forget!


11.) Submitted by @TheBestFooteFWD: 1985 and 2015 Royals World Series Pennants

I can't be the only one who loves the clean look and creativity that existed with pennant flags In baseball. Look at the difference between 1985 compared to 2015. It's time to bring back pennants!


12.) Submitted from @LukeSlabaugh: Game 7 ticket of the 2016 World Series

Speaking of classic World Series games.. Luke owns THE golden ticket! After a 108 years, in 2016 the Cubs were finally World Series champions. What a piece of history.


13.) Submitted by @Wilceder: Signed napkin from Babe Ruth:

Another amazing story that features an incredible autograph. Not only is the autograph in pencil, but on a napkin that is still intact 70+ years later.


14.) Submitted from @TaylorRingold: Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Jack Morris, and Paul Molitor signed baseball:

An interesting group of players for sure. All Hall of Famers, well, sort of. Another article for another day..


15.) Submitted from @LGonTV: UK and Horse Racing bourbon bottle collection:

Another prime example of a perfect backdrop for a Zoom call in 2020! What a submission by Lyndsey!

That wraps up this edition of the best sports memorabilia you own! Thank you to everyone who submitted to the thread. Wish I could have included all 70 of you. Have a great Holliday weekend. Stay safe and wear a mask!

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