People love fishing and love camp fires, but when you combine the two you better know what you’re doing or you’ll be sitting on the sidelines the rest of the trip.

We are just going to assume you have Mike Iaconelli level fishing ability, and have a cooler just over flowing with delicious trout.  That said you may be asking your self how I would prepare this amazing fish at my camp site. Well first comes gutting the fish.

Take a very sharp knife and insert it at the tail of the fish slicing up to the head. Take a quick look at the organs to make sure you didn’t puncture anything, if you do toss it, a fresh fish dinner isn’t worth the food poisoning.  

If your free and clear its time to grip and rip, again grip the entrails and pull slowly to remove them. After this wash the trout in canteen water to clean any chunks of crap stayed behind. Now you can elect to cut the head off or leave it on while it cooks. I always remove the head, I don’t want my freaking food judging me (what is this high school).

After this grab a large sheet of tin foil from your rack as well as butter and bacon from your cooler. Line 2 hefty slices of tin foil on top of each other, after that coat the foil with a generous amount of butter then lay half a pound of bacon down on the foil ( you know for flavor). After this place 2 slices of bacon and 2 spoons full of butter inside the trout (feel free to ad potatoes as well). After that seal up the foil pouch air tight.

Now its time to move it you fire, make sure you have a nice bed of coils not a rip roaring bon fire (you want to cook the fish not incinerate it). This will allow the trout to boil in the juices of bacon and fish (mmmmmmm bacon), as well as steam cook the potatoes and other junk I’m sure you packed into the foil. After about 15-20 minutes remove and open the foil to let it cool down.

Now there is nothing left but to sit back crack a cold one and enjoy the best fresh fish dinner you’ve ever had. If you have picture or stories from the Adirondacks feel free to email me them at