The Curse of Daniel Murphy!

5) THE SUCCESS!!! Or lack thereof. With Daniel Murphy’s offensive outburst the Mets went the World Series after sweeping the Cubs where Murphy hit a Home Run in All four games! A year later the Mets couldn’t get passed the San Francisco Giants in the Wild Card game and this year the post season seems like a pipe dream. Meanwhile Murphy continues to be an offensive beast and the Nationals seem a lock to repeat as NL East winners.

4) THE REVNGE!!! He’s a Met killer it seems like every time the Mets play the Nats Murphy is the guy making the Mets pay. Just last night he was 3 for 5 with a triple that gave the Nats a lead they wouldn’t give back

3) THE REPLACEMENT!!! His “replacement” Neil Walker was billed as an equal or greater second baseman and even though he’s had flashes for the Mets he spent extended periods of time on the DL last season only playing 113 games for the Mets as a matter of fact the man is on the 10 day DL right now.

2) THE POWER!!! Murphy has 36 home runs for the Nationals in a year and about a half. He had 62 in 7 seasons for the Mets. You insulted the man by letting him go to a division rival and woke up the boom stick. Now before you say no one could see that coming he had 14 regular season homers and 7 post season homers in 2015.


David Wright, Noah Syndergaard, Neil Walker AND Juan Lagares just broke his thumb. Matt Harvey will miss WEEKS with a shoulder issue OH and did I mention Michael Conforto missed fourth straight game with a stiff back

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