Extra innings brought on an extra special defensive play from the New York Mets on Thursday night.

Gary Cohen called it "the play of the year" as it happened.

In the bottom of the 10th inning, Jeff Francoeur grounded straight up the middle when Carlos Torres had the ball clip his leg and bounce towards first base where Daniel Murphy scrambled to his right.

The ball got lost in between Murphy's legs and as he dug for the baseball, he somehow got a grasp on it. Flipping it barehand to first base without looking, Murphy targeted Torres, sprinting to the bag, perfectly.

Not to mention, the play was perfectly capped off by Francoeur shoving Torres at the end. Perhaps Frenchy thought the baseball was going to go straight up the middle for an easy single? Francoeur has been his usual loud-mannered self in this series after yelling at Hansel Robles from the top of the dugout on Tuesday evening after the Mets reliever quick pitched the Phillies.