Why has the undefeated fighter been forced to relinquish his WBO title?Just two months ago, Floyd Mayweather Jr won the highly anticipated bout against Manny Pacquiao and his first career WBO belt. Today that same institution stripped the undefeated fighter of the organization's welterweight title. "The WBO world championship committee is allowed no other alternative but to cease to recognize Mr. Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the WBO welterweight champion of the world and vacate his title for failing to comply with our WBO regulations of world championship contests," the WBO wrote today in its resolution. It is against sanctioning organization rules for boxers to hold world titles in multiple weight classes. In his 19 year career, Mayweather Jr has won 11 world titles in five weight classes, from 130 to 154 pounds. Following the win over Pacquiao in May, Mayweather Jr had suggested his plan to relinquish all of his world titles.“I want to give other fighters a chance,” Mayweather said at the time. “I’m not greedy. I’m fortunate to be a champion in two weight classes right now. I’m the undisputed welterweight champion. I have the WBC and WBA belt at super welterweight. I have the WBO, WBA and WBC at 147. It’s time to let other fighters fight for the belts.” Mayweather's next fight is scheduled for September 12th but an opponent has yet to be announced. The new WBO welterweight champion will be crowned on November 21st in Dubai when Sadam Ali takes on Timothy Bradley.