There is a brand new book on it's way out about the late Walter Peyton.  His reputation is on the line, and his former coach, Mike Ditka, doesn't like it one bit. 

The new book, Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton by Jeff Pearlman is causing some controversy right now surrounding the life of the former Bears running back.  As far as we all knew, Peyton was nothing but an outstanding citizen, but the allegations in this new book makes Peyton out to be a drug user, and adulterer.

His former coach Mike Ditka is now weighing in on the subject and he is not a happy person.

I think it's ridiculous to me. What's the point? What's the point? The point is one thing only , to sell books. That's all it's about. It's a bunch of crap, first of all. If you're going to wait 12 years after somebody's passed, come on. This is the sign of a gutless individual who would do this. Totally gutless who would hide behind that, and that's what he's done

-Mike Ditka

A lot of people are questioning the credibility of the author, Jeff Pearlman.  Many of Peyton's former teammates are refusing to read the book.  This isn't the first controversial sports book Pearlman has written.  He wrote a book called The Bad Guys Won, about the 1986 New York Mets and he also helped Barry Bonds write his autobiography.