20 years in the talk radio business- sports and other formats.  I can count on 2 hands the "memorable" interviews I have conducted. The interview today with NFL Hall of Famer Joe Delamielleure  is on that list. My show-Game On With Bruce Jacobs on 1045 the team, ESPN radio, runs 3-7pm Mon-Fri. The interview can be heard on the show facebook page- game on with bruce jacobs. If you are an NFL fan you will be glued. If you are a fan of people with an opinion and with something to say rather then the usual boring "our backs are against the wall" blah blah blah  you will be glued. If you are interested in this NFL lawsuit stuff you will be glued.

Joe Delamielleure is 1 of only 2 hall of fame Right Guards, the other being Larry Little. The main cog of the Buffalo Bills Electric Company back in the 70's featuring OJ Simpson doesn't lack for strong views-On any topic. He is part of the lawsuit. I have written a few times I don't agree with the lawsuit-with the exception of the players from the 50's through the late 80's give or take. I do believe many players are gravy training the suit to cash out.

All of these things were discussed with Delamielleure and he responded. Oh did he respond.

Cliff notes: On OJ-Said he was ther hardest worker. He wondered if the pounding Simpson took was part of his problem and perhaps in some way caused his heinous double murder. He then went on to just hammer former head of the players union the late Gene Upshaw. He delved into Upshaws personal finances and perhaps he was chiseling some off the top.How Upshaw screwed the players and sold them out. He hammered current union head Demaurice Smith. He mostly blamed the players union and not the NFL for neglecting older players.

My words can't even come close to the intensity and clarity Joe D expressed himself in. As I made reference to many times, myself included you hear things but you don't actually LISTEN. Trust me this was must LISTEN.

Delamielleure is appearing for a charity dinner in Schenectady to raise money for the Ronald McDonald house on June 10th.. he and 11 other HOF Football players will be there. From Lenny Dawson to John Randall and many others. Tickets are only 80 bucks. You will want to shake hands with all these great ball players but I am guessing the guy you will want to listen to is Joe D. Amazing stuff.

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