There are many ways to show your fandom for your favorite sports team: Wearing the jersey on non-game days, putting a sticker on your car/truck/SUV, or even getting a tattoo of their logo somewhere on your body. Bryan Labarron took his fandom one step further but did he go too far and push the creepy boundary?

Bryan spent nearly 9 hours in the chair to have OJ Simpson's famous 1994 booking mugshot tattooed on his thigh. The mugshot is from when OJ was booked for the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman which caused many fans to turn away from the former 6 time Pro Bowler. Simpson was accuited of the murder charges in 1995 but has had many run ins with law including his 2007 arrest in Las Vegas for Robbery, Kidnapping, Coercion, and Conspiracy.

Since posting the above photo on his Facebook, Bryan has gotten a lot of attention from the sports world doing radio, magazine, and website interviews.


We've all seen some pretty bad tattoos in our time, this one turned out alright. However, it does fall under the "bad idea" category. Good luck explaining that one to the grand kids.

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