Gays in professional sports is the pink elephant in the room.  No one wants to talk about it because it makes people uncomfortable.

Well, I'm going to talk about it now.

Let's be honest - sports are all about testoserone, just being a guy and passionate fandom.

What do most guys think about a professional athlete when he's not playing his sport?  Women.  Right?  We all have thought to ourselves, "I wonder how many women that player gets?" or even "I wonder how hot his wife or girlfriend is?"  Men plus sports equal women.

Last week, Phoenix Suns President & CEO Rick Welts (pictured, below right) revealed that he is gay. He's believed to be the first man in a prominent position in men's sports who has declared his homosexuality.

I give Welts a ton of credit for coming out.  He should be commended for telling everyone who he is.

But do we really need to know?  Why does anyone care whether a professional athlete is gay or not?

This argument has no place in sports.  If a guy is good at his job, who cares?

If a baseball player can hit, it doesn’t matter if he’s going out with a guy or a girl after the game.

Who cares if a football player wants to get married to another guy, all I care about is whether he delivers good fantasy stats for me on Sundays.


If you think there’s never been a gay professional athlete in professional sports, you are living under a rock.  They have been gay all-stars in every sport.  Heck, there are probably Hall of Famers that are gay.

You haven't cared about athletes personal lives in the past, why should you now?

Every league has their issues.

There have been gang members on your football team.  There have been guys on your favorite basketball team that have beaten their pregnant wife or girlfriend.  There have been users and abusers in baseball.  The NHL has had gambling and drug rings.

PED’s in baseball, murder and animal cruelty in the NFL.  You’ve got NBA players in domestic violence cases on a routine basis.  Drunk drivers in the NFL & NBA.

None of that mattered, so why should a player's sexual orientation?

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