The New York Giants lost another heart breaker last night to the Atlanta Falcons. Giants' Insider John Schmeelk was there and saw up close what's right and what's wrong with the Giants and what players need to shoulder the blame for a 1 - 6 start to a season many thought would be a turn a round year for Big Blue.

The over all message from Schmeelk seems to be one of there's enough blame to go around. I wanted to summarize it as a problem that is mainly an Offensive Line problem. Schmeelk wasn't willing to lay it all at the feet of the big men. He pointed out Eli missed some throws, the Wide Receivers dropped some passes and on and on. I think we can all agree there are plenty of issues for the Giants but possibly the most insightful information Schmeelk shared was the reasoning behind going for two points when the Giants did. Listen and see if you agree.

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