We've all heard our fair share of those wacky Minor League Baseball promotions before.  They are oftentimes completely lame.  This promotion with Tim Lincecum is anything but.

I'm fully on board with a promotion starring Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum.  The two-time NL Cy Young Award winner is challenging fans to send in videos of their best rendition of his unique pitching style. 

What does the winner get?  The winner will get to take swings off of Lincecum next spring.  Love it!  You get to face an actual Major League pitcher?  That's awesome.  Fans can submit their best Lincecum impression until Sept. 16.  Lincecum has a Facebook page set up for this "Red Bull Ultimate" competition at: facebook.com/timlincecum.  I'm going outside to practice now.