The NFL schedule came out last night and here's how we break down the opponents for the G-Men.:

Week 1 - The Giants once again open up with the Cowboys. They won't be a pushover this year, either, with a healthy Tony Romo and a full complement of running backs. Throw in a healthy Dez Bryant and the Giants have their work cut out on defense. Hopefully the Giants new and improved D-Line can generate pressure. Tough on the road as well.

Weeks 2-3 - A softer portion of the schedule, and both games at home should help. The Saints couldn't possibly be as bad on defense this year, could they? The Redskins were a playoff team a year ago, but I'm still not high on Kirk Cousins.

Weeks 4-6: A brutal portion of the schedule going to the NFC North on back-to-back weeks. Both teams made the playoffs a year ago and a developing Teddy Bridgewater should only help Minnesota. The Ravens at home will be an intriguing matchup. The Ravens were bad last year, but they were without Joe Flacco, Steve Smith and Justin Forsett for most of the year.

Weeks 7-10: Traveling to the NFC North twice in two weeks and then going to London two weeks later to take on the Rams? That's just not fair. The bye comes in Week 8 which is good before a big division matchup with the probable-revamped Eagles.

Week 11-END: Playoff teams in the Bengals, Steelers and Redskins headline the end of the schedule, but generally, the end is pretty fair. The Bears, Lions, and Browns are all winnable games.

All in all? I think the Giants first seven weeks are the toughest portion of the schedule. If they can hover around .500 in those first seven weeks, they can make noise on the back side of the schedule.