The U.S. Women made an unbelievable comeback starting in stoppage time of extra time against Brazil in the World Cup Quarterfinal. They'd complete the comeback with a win in penalty kicks. An unfathomable result in a truly fantastic game. Go! Go! USA!

The game started quickly, the U.S. scoring in the second minute on a Brazilian own goal.  Brazil would even the score in the 68th minute with two attempts on a penalty kick after U.S. player Rachel Buehler was shown a horrific red card.  The game would go into extra time, with Brazilian star Marta giving her side the lead, despite a missed offsides call.  The U.S. - still down a person - would have to try and claw their way back.


Brazil would make it difficult.  In what was the most disgraceful bit of time wasting and injury fakery (is that a legitimate phrase?  I don't know. I'm going with it though, I'm ranting here) Brazilian defender Erika would apparently be taken out by a sniper - falling down "Injured" with no one around her.  Rolling in pain she would be carted off the field, though before she could even be set down she would jump off the stretcher and return to the game just seconds later.  This would come back to haunt her in two ways.

Way one?  The crowd, playing the part of the crowd in Rocky IV turned on the favorites and began to root for the plucky underdog.  The chant of "Rocky! Rocky!" was replaced by "U.S.A."  Furthermore, the extra time added on as a direct result of her baffonerey would be when the U.S. would strike.  Defiant 'til the end, Abby Wambach would bulge the back of the 'ol onion bag with a brilliant header overshadowed only by the wonderstrike that was the cross off the foot of Megan Rapinoe.

The game was level with just second to play.  Unbelievable.  The penalty kicks would come - and the U.S. would convert all five.  With U.S. goalie Hope Solo stoning Daiane to give her team the 5-3 win on penalty kicks.

This was an unbelievable game, one of the best soccer matches I've ever seen - and while I was following the Women's World Cup, I wasn't enthralled.  I am now - and you should be too.  To watch the U.S. complete this comeback down a player was nothing short of miraculous - I can't say enough about it.  Go! Go! USA!  They'll play France at 11:30 on Wednesday.  I'll be watching.

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