Well, this is going to be pretty sweet!

There is a brand new golf place that golf fans are going to love that has opened up in Orchard Park. It is called 'Taps and Tees' located at 10 Centre Dr, Orchard Park, NY 14127. The cost for the golf simulator 60 dollars per hour!

Hours for 'Taps and Tees' are:

  • Tuesday-Thursday 11-9pm
  • Friday and Saturday 11-10pm
  • Sundays 11-6pm

It is a place that you can go to with all your friends and golf with the simulators and have some drinks at the bar. If you live downtown, you may have gone to a place similar called Buffalo Golf and Social, which, has exploded in popularity.

The most impressive thing about the brand new place called 'Taps and Tees', is that the owner....is 19-years-old.

Owner Tony Tuber of Orchard Park's passion is golf and he actually started by using his father's machine shop and making custom putters for Western New Yorkers. He wanted a place to show his putters and sell them, and then with his family, the business evolved into the addition of the bar and some simulators.

EXTRA: Golfers! There is going to be the first-ever Honor Flight Golf Tournament to raise money to get more Western New York veterans on planes to go visit the U.S. Capitol. The date is set for September 15 at Diamond Hawk Gold Course in Cheektowaga.

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