I don't mean to bore readers. I try to come up with original thoughts and views. I would even like to balance my harsh critique of NFL commish Roger Goodell. However, the actions of this man have to be met with criticism from someplace in the media, so I am happy to be that person.

Goodell's latest folly is talking the owners into possibly cancelling the most exciting play in football-The kickoff return. Unreal!

NY Giants owner John Mara is the front man on this brutal idea, but make no mistake, it is Goodell and his softening of the NFL that will have the fans of the great game of NFL football paying the price. It's obvious that he's attempting to avoid a ridiculous lawsuit. How can you take away perhaps the key play in the NFL? What's next, no more cheerleaders? Gloves being banned in Green Bay?

Seriously, abolishing the kickoff? If that goes, say "bye-bye" to the punt as well. Critical game-changing plays will be no more.

Already thanks to the kickoff being moved from the 30 to the 35, we had 1120 touchbacks last year, compared to460 the year before. That's 660 plays. Being conservative, that means we were denied at least ~400 returns last year. Those returns change games, division titles, perhaps playoff games and, yes, the Superbowl.

Think about it. How is a team supposed to come back from deficit. On side kick- will be banned. Fake punt? Too dangerous. So on defense, you can't make the jarring hits, and now you won't be able to make plays on special teams. So I ask again, if you fall behind, how exactly can you make a comeback? If your team is down 9 points or more and score, you won't be able to get the ball back. This is a terrible idea!

Of course, we will hear about the safety of the players. The simpleton will try and make it that I don't care about the players. Okay, let me fess up- I don't! What did you say? I don't. The players don't care about themselves, so why should I worry?

Let me explain. How many players have quit pro ball because it was too dangerous? As of this writing, the count stands at- wait for it- NONE! Not one has left the game citing danger. So they don't seem to care about the danger, but I am supposed to? I don't think so.

The game is rough, tumble, dangerous and every player knows this, and yet stunningly none have left it citing the danger. So they don't care, and neither do I. I don't think head shots or targeting the knees are okay, but again, it is a collision sport. Players get hurt- bad sometimes- yet none have left the game.

This lawsuit, in my opinion, has as much bite as a 97-year-0ld man with gums. None of the players now suing the league left because it was "too dangerous". Oh, how I wish I were the judge hearing this case when it comes up. Give me 10 minutes and it would be tossed. Heck, I bet some of these players are just trying to gravy train the cash.

Because of this, and because of Goodell's HUGE ego, us fans will pay the price. It will be flags and pushing to make a tackle. No, not tackling, but shoving.  I say just abolish the game if it is so dangerous. Millions have played this game, but very few get seriously injured. Yes, many suffer lingering and long-term effects because they played the game. But again, I ask how many of these players knew the danger but played for the thrill, the competition, the adulation, and of course, the big paychecks. Thank you- case closed!

Goodells rampant ego and desire to change this great game will suffer fan drop-off. No, not tomorrow, but in due time. However, the ego maniac doesn't care. Only fools take great products and try and change them. How is the goofball behind  "New Coke" doing these days? Exactly!

Goodell is out of control. I begged for the players to demand he be fired when they were negotiating a new labor deal. His ego and hypocrisy will hurt this league. This latest nonsense about banning kickoffs is just the latest and stupidest idea yet!