Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players in the world, and will soon be one of the biggest stars of the world's biggest sporting event - the FIFA World Cup.

Earlier this week, though, while his Portugal squad prepped for the tournament in New York, the striker tried his hand a different kind of football.  Take a look as we grade the results.

Footwork- C: The hop is a touch unconventional, but the feet end up in the right place. He's not as square to the target as you'd hope, but he's grounded and sturdy.  Passable.

Wind-up- F: Less passable.  You don't see a lot of NFL quarterbacks taking the ball behind their lower back before bringing it up for the throw.  Hell, you don't see anyone do that - not even Tebow does that nonsense.  That's a lot of wasted motion.  Poor job.

Release Point- D: I'm not even sure how to classify this.  It's not quite side-armed, but he's sure as hell not coming over the top.  It's not awful, but it's surely not conventional.  And it just looks awkward, like he's trying to skip the football across a lake.

Short-Shorts- A+: Who knew Ronaldo had the legs of a Thoroughbred, eh?