It's taken nearly a year, but things do appear to be (sort of) getting back to normal. Talks of concerts, sporting events and theme parks reopening are the glimmer of hope we need to get to the other side  Just last week, we learned that the Governor announced that certain outdoor venues may begin reopening.  Once that happened, Six Flags Great Escape announced their opening dates and safety protocols. While we're not at normal just yet, this announcement was certainly some good news.

When will the park open? What does this mean for people who had season passes last year but couldn't use them?  Are reservations required? Here's what you need to know:

According to CBS 6 News, Six Flags Great Escape will be open for weekends and certain select dates starting on May 1st.  Full time operation including weekdays will begin on June 24th.  The indoor waterpark, according to the report will be open starting on March 26th.

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Much like anything these days, the reopening of the Great Escape comes with a litany of rules and guidelines to ensure everyone remains CDC compliant.

The park will incorporate mandatory health screenings by guests and employees, masks will be worn by all guests and employees, hand sanitizer stations will be widespread throughout the park, extensive cleaning protocols will be in place as well as social distancing and a limited guest capacity.  To see a list of safety protocols, click here. 

Things will be a little different before you enter the park; the days of just showing up unannounced are over.  In 2021 guests need to meet social distancing guidelines and all visits to the park must be pre-scheduled. To schedule your visit, click here. 

According to their Facebook Page, the Great Escape told customers that, "ALL 2020 Season Passes and Season Add-Ons have been extended until December 31, 2021."

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