As a kid, in the '80s, my sisters and I used to go to Guptill's Skating Arena every weekend. It was really cool to see that rollerskating is making a comeback and a national show highlighted our very own Guptill's that is the oldest running rink in America. I feel that we sometimes take for granted the gems we have here in the Capital Region. Like many, I have very fond memories of going rollerskating a Guptill's. It was great to see them highlighted in a story on CBS Sunday Morning this weekend.

According to, they were doing a story on the resurgence of rollerskating in America because of the pandemic. Yes, a lot of people still rollerblade, but the actual art of rollerskating on four wheels is making a comeback. Their story highlighted those who skate in a club in Queens and some in California, but they also sat down with Skip Guptill who owns and still runs Guptill's Skating Arena in Cohoes.

It was interesting to learn that Skip's dad turned over some farmland on Route 9 and built the skating arena that still stands there. Skip said that his dad opened the doors in 1951 and he said he remembers that day well.

"My father stood at the front door and turned the key in the door, and there must have been 800 people at the front door to come in!"

Guptill's Skating Rink is listed as the largest indoor rollerskating rink in the world in the Guinness Book of World Records. It is sixty-four thousand square feet.

I am happy that we have this amazing place right here in the Capital Region. I have so many wonderful memories of skating there as a kid with my sisters and my friends. Although they are closed right now due to COVID, Skip is hoping they open soon to bring more generations into the craze of rollerskating.
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