When it comes to home improvements, people are always asking,"Will this increase the value of my home?" Well little do they know that one simple improvement can  increase home value and it's right at the front door.

According to Comfort Windows, the style of your front entranceway door can have an impact on home value when you're looking to make improvements. This is mostly determined by the style of the door.

Your entry door, also known as your exterior door, can give you a more than 90% return-on-investment, according to this Cost vs. Value Report, and it is one of the easier improvements you can make. Why? The material the door is made of can be considered a valuable commodity and, depending on what it's made out of, it can also have an effect on the energy efficiency of your home.

There are three main materials that are used to make entranceway doors: wood, steel and fiberglass.

The biggest benefit to a steel door is that it's strong and doesn't take a lot to maintain. The only downside is that it can keep and show scratches and rust and be a bit harder to repair. The weather elements can also have an impact on steel, so if you're concerned about that, you may want to consider a fiberglass door.

Fiber glass doors are mostly weather resistant and do not scratch as easily. They are also fairly lightweight but at the same time difficult for an intruder to break in through. There are many decorative finishes you can pair with the fiberglass to give you the ideal entranceway door look for your home.

If you're looking to save some money, a wood door is the most affordable option. While it may not be as strong as the steel or fiber glass doors, it has a certain natural appeal to it. But if you're more concerned with strength, you should consider steel or fiber glass.

To learn more about entranceway doors and find the perfect look for your home, read Comfort Windows' blog here.


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