Yesterday we asked you about the American League, where all three divisions are locked in close fights for first place. In the National League, however, the three division leaders each have sizable advantages. But the wild card? That's a different story.

Atlanta, with a record of 81-63, pretty much has the first wild card sewn up, but who will grab the second slot is shaping up as a real nail-biter. St. Louis (76-68) currently leads, but Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Arizona are all within 4.5 games of the Cardinals.

With only a little more than two weeks left in the season, this looks like it'll come down to the wire. Baseball fans surely remember the final day of the 2011 season, which saw the Tampa Bay Rays and eventual World Series-champion Cardinals sneak in ahead of the Red Sox and Braves, who completed two of the sport's biggest-ever September collapses. We can only hope this year comes close to matching that level of excitement.

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