The struggle of trying to open your iPhone with your hands full and your mask on is real. I've been pushing my shopping cart down one-way isles in the supermarket trying to open my list or coupon app and dropped my phone more than once. I sadly do not seem to have the dexterity to hold a half-gallon of skim milk in one hand and type in a code on my phone with the other. The people at Apple have heard my cries of helplessness as I pray my case and screen protector will keep my iPhone from shattering on contact with the ground. The latest update will allow you to unlock your iPhone while still wearing your mask.

According to IOS 14.5 update will allow you to opt-out of tracking across all websites and apps, update Apple maps so you can report issues like Waze, and unlock your screen while wearing a mask.

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Now I realize with most of us either fully or partially vaccinated or scheduled to be so you're thinking this is too little and too late. The truth is we could still be wearing masks for a while now, especially at live events like concerts and Yankees games. So this will make the next few weeks or months way easier and let's be real, the mask kept my face warm in the winter so I plan on using some form of face-covering when it's cold with or without a worldwide pandemic.

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