Should you be "liking" your own social media posts?  It's an age-old question that dates all the way back to the Obama administration. Is showing love to your own photo on Facebook or Instagram as standard as the post itself or a break in social media etiquette? What if that photo is on the brink of a threshold?

Ninety nine likes are in your pocket from a big Christmas Day post (the coffee with the tree and the #blessed tag, you know the one) and you're just one simple click from validating your existence holiday. Do you shower yourself with self?

Some people don't know why this is even a conversation. Of course they "like" their own post! Why would a social media platform give you the ability to like your own post if you weren't supposed to act on it?

I took a poll on my Twitter account (@Byesline) on if this was acceptable or not and the results I got back from a decent sample size of 97 votes was resounding. Seventy nine percent of those in the poll said it is not acceptable to "like" your own post. Is this a social media faux pas or is all fair in love and "likes?" Brady Farkas and I tried to iron out some of those details this week in a hilarious conversation on the "Big Board Sports" morning show. Give it a listen here: