It's fairly clear if you listen to Levack and Goz or just about any sports show in the world that gambling is a gigantic part of sports. We break down games using Las Vegas set point spreads and all the major sports release injury reports. If no one ever wagered on games why would this information be so important? There is a court battle currently being waged that could result in legal sports betting.

Legal insider and Editor in Chief of joined us to shed a little light on Christie Vs NCAA. In short New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is attempting to make sports betting legal in New Jersey and if he's successful you can bet(pun intended) New Jersey won't be where this ends.

I for one find the fact I can bet Horses, slot machine and multiple versions of lottery and for some reason sports is where I can't be trusted is a bit silly. I'm a fan of wagering and games of chance. So I budget my money accordingly much like you would when enjoying any hobby. So I look forward to a future where I can simply head to the Saratoga or Rivers casinos and place a bet legally.

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