For my entire life here in Upstate New York I've been involved in some form of gambling. Lottery, Scratch offs, Horses and yes some sports betting. I've always felt it was an odd double standard that you can wager on things the State and the Government deems acceptable but not sports. That is unless you fly to Las Vegas. So this morning when the Supreme Court removed the Federal ban on sports betting AKA the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PAPSA) 6-3.

So now its up to each state to decide if sports betting will be legal and the race is on. Smart money is on New Jersey to be the first state to move forward and states like New York will be soon to follow. Places like the Saratoga Casino and Raceway and Rivers Casino must be chomping at the bit to get things going with this. I for one look forward to legally enjoy my hobby of picking teams and adding to my personal interest level in games. Remember the number one and number two rules everyone, "Never bet what you can't afford to lose" and "There no such thing as a sure thing."

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