The Buffalo Bills won't play another game until the preseason, which will be the second week of August.

However, the off-season has only just begun. The Bills gave reserve-futures contracts to multiple players last week, which includes former Denver Broncos wide receiver KJ Hamler. The next thing on the docket will be the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine, which will be held February 26th to March 4th in Indianapolis.

The Bills could be making moves in free agency after March 13th, but with their projected cap space of -$50, they will likely have to make moves to be cap compliant; those will include contract restructuring and even player releases.

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One of those players who could be considered a cap casualty, one of them posted on X (formerly Twitter) that they just need an opportunity.

Bills wide receiver Deonte Harty posted that he just needs an opportunity. What does he mean by it?

It might just be as simple as he wants an opportunity to be a legitimate slot receiver, who plays most snaps on offense. He didn't get that chance in his first season with Buffalo, which might have been both the two tight ends the Bills utilized and the fact they relied on Harty's return specialties, with Nyheim Hines' season-ending injury.

Perhaps it's a sign Harty knows he might be a cap casualty and wants a new opportunity from another team...that chance is less likely, but it's evident his first season in Buffalo did not go as planned, given the hefty two-year contract he was given to sign.

The Bills have to upgrade their wide receiver room. They must use meaningful draft capital on the position, given their cap limitations in 2024.

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