There is nothing like the bond between a family and their furry friends. If you want to see and feel what unconditional love really is, get a pet! No matter the mood you are in or the day you have had, your pets love you and are excited to see you!

The winter always seems to last forever here in New York State. The long, cold and wet days of March are here and most can't wait for it to go out like a lamb! While we wait for the dry weather to arrive, there is a responsibility that pet owners share to keep their "fur babies" safe this spring and summer.

After the snow melts and the flowers and grass start to grow, there is a hidden danger that is also growing in the woods and, most likely, in your backyard!

The spring means ticks are ready to hatch and seek out a host. That could also mean that your pet is in danger and now is a good time to have a flea and tick preventative plan.

During the spring and early summer of the next year the nymphs end their dormancy and begin to seek a host. Nymphs are commonly found on the forest floor in leaf litter and on low lying vegetation. Their host primarily consists of mice and other rodents, deer, birds and unfortunately humans.

We have three little kids and they love to play outside. I try to make sure that they are dressed properly to fend off ticks and do regular checks on their skin. Last summer, after mowing the lawn, I found a tick on my lower back! It felt like an itchy bump on my skin and I contacted the doctor right away. Thankfully the tick was not on my skin too long and my doctor gave me some antibiotics as a precaution.

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