Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld were apparently spotted at a jeweler, according to the Rochester, NY Buffalo Bills Backers Facebook post yesterday.

Why were they at the jewelers? I mean, who knows, but you know that there are some over-the-top fans talking about wedding rings (wHat?!). They could be getting his watch fixed for all we know.

It's cool to see them be regular people and (besides someone taking this picture) nobody going up to them and bothering them. Of course, it comes with the territory when you are a celebrity couple, but we have come to learn how down to earth and normal Josh is.

Apparently, Steinfeld has been in Western New York lately to support Josh. Apparently fans were spotting them in East Aurora and also, some noticed that Hailee was at the Buffalo Bills home game against the Las Vegas Raiders at Highmark Stadium this past weekend.

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills will travel to Washington to play the Commanders this Sunday at 1 PM.

EXTRA: Remember when everyone THOUGHT that they knew where Josh Allen lived a few years ago. His stardom was quickly on the rise--more than we have seen since Jim Kelly because of social media perhaps. People thought that Allen lived in West Seneca in a big house on Clinton Street and fans were putting themselves in some dangerous situations in order to get a glimpse.

He didn't live there. But, businesses were putting out PSAs to stop going these poor people's house.

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