The Buffalo Bills made news over the weekend by hiring Joe Brady as the permanent offensive coordinator. Brady was elevated from quarterbacks coach to OC after the firing of former OC Ken Dorsey.

Dorsey was let go after the crushing loss to the Denver Broncos back in mid-November. After the change by head coach Sean McDermort, the Bills went 6-1 in the final seven games. Now, Brady will be able to work with Josh Allen and the offense with a full off-season as his disposal.

As for Dorsey, he is officially back in the NFL. He didn’t have to take a step back either.

Dorsey has been hired as the new offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns.

Dorsey played for the Browns in the mid-2000’s, so it’s a return to one of his former teams. The only stipulation is that usually it’s been head coach Kevin Stefanski calling plays, so Dorsey won’t have free reign of the offense like he did in Buffalo under McDermott.

It’s a shame Dorsey didn’t work in Buffalo. Josh Allen lobbied for the Bills to promote Dorsey to OC after Brian Daboll left to be the head coach of the New York Giants. Allen also gave Joe Brady a big endorsement to be the permanent OC, which is now a reality.

If you’re wondering, the Bills and Browns do not play each other in 2024.

The Bills staff will be in Mobile, Alabama to scout players at the Senior Bowl this week. Then we have the NFL Combine.

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