Can you park overnight in the Bills Stadium lot after a Bills game? What are the protocols for overnight parking at the Bills game? Where is the new RV lot going to be at the Bills stadium?

No, they don't really allow overnight parking at the Buffalo Bills. At least, they do not want you to.

This surely is not the first time in Bills history that this has been asked before. You want to drink and have a good time, the Buffalo Bills are doing really good and then you realize that you probably should not drive a car. Even if you are in A LITTLE reasonable doubt, you should not drive. It is just not worth it, especially because we have Uber and Lyft now. In fact, you would think that back in the day before ride sharing companies, and when they Bills were in their last haydays, during the Jim Kelly era, there would be more cars left overnight in the parking lot.

So, what happens if you leave your car at Bills Stadium? 

The gates at Highmark Stadium close 2 hours after the game. Once everyone is out, the close and lock the gates. If your car is in the lot still, good luck, it may be at risk to be towed out of the way.

This was on one of the cars that was left at the Bills Stadium after they embarrassed the New England Patriots on Saturday night.

Our parking lots are presently closed and secured.

Before attempting to remove your vehicle please stop at the Bills Guard house -- on Buffalo Drive, off Abbott Road.

A guard will be dispatched to drop the cable at the lot entrance so you can drive out safely.

Here is the problem, if nobody is there in the guard if they were not there at a reasonable time, you would have been completely SOL. We all know what that means, right? It means you would be waiting a lonnnnnnnnnng time.

Bottom line: if you do end up leaving your car there, it's risky, but I would get there first thing the following morning or when you are sober enough. Or, just plan a little better ahead of time.


What about RV Parking now that the new Buffalo Bills stadium is being built? 

There is no RV parking for the next few years because of the new stadium being built. There is no designated spots for RVs so, you're on your own. For regular cars and trucks, the Buffalo Bills are going to open up their employee lot for fans to park in.

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