Just in case you needed confirmation, New York State has some of the highest property tax rates in America. Two counties in New York landed in the top 5 for the highest property taxes in America.

Photo by todd kent on Unsplash
Photo by todd kent on Unsplash

According to U.S. Census Bureau, the average American household spends $2,690 on property taxes on their homes. Vehicle property taxes in 26 states costs on average another $444. National Tax Lien Association says that $14 billion in property taxes are not paid each year.

Realtor.com released a list of the counties in America with the highest property taxes. Two from New York State were in the top 5, one actually topped the list. Before we get to the counties with the highest property taxes, let's take a look at where New York lands as a state.

Surprisingly, New York is not in the #1 spot. Homeowners in New Jersey paid the most property taxes last year. The average was $9,527 in 2022.

2. Connecticut - $7,671
3. Massachusetts - $7,044
4. New Hampshire - $6,855
5. New York - $6,673

The lowest property taxes in 2022 were in the southern states:

1. West Virginia - $928
2. Alabama - $1,022
3. Arkansas - $1,228
4. Louisiana - $1,296
5. Mississippi - $1,311

Two New York Counties Have The Highest Tax Rates In The U.S.

1. Homeowners in New York County, NY, which includes Manhattan, had the highest property tax bills, at an average of $42,627 a year.

Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash
Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash

2. Marin County, CA - $14,415
3. Essex County, NJ - $13,168
4. Bergen County, NJ - $13,115
5. Nassau County, NY - $12,890

Google Maps
Google Maps

New York County topping the list isn't really a surprise to me. Manhattan and all of the expensive zip codes in it are located in New York County. I guess with Nassau County, it might be worth it having access to beaches.

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