The Empire State is vast.

Just take a look at the sheer size of the state, encompassing more than 54,000 square miles and being home to more than 19 million people, New York is just about as diverse as it comes.

That diversity isn't just in the people; it covers all races and creeds with folks of all ages. It also includes varying geographies. You have a wide range of areas, from the concrete jungles of New York City that sit at sea level to the ocean beaches on Long Island, expansive waterfalls like what we have in Niagara Falls, to freshwater lakes like Lake Erie on the shores of Buffalo. New York state even boasts mountains, the Adirondack's and Catskill's, Plateau's, and maybe even a rainforest.

All of that diversity means that you can find some incredible differences among the various areas of the state. These differences are so profound that sometimes you may not think you're in the same state as you travel through it.

This is something that TikTok Star romantheselenator points out and pokes a little fun at in a video posted to the social media platform that describes what someone would find if and when they head to the Empire State on a quick vacation.

What Stereotypes Do The Different Parts of New York Have?

As the video so affectionately points out, some stereotypical things separate Buffalo from Rochester, Syracuse from Albany, Manhattan from the Bronx, Queens from Brooklyn, and Staten Island from everyone else.

There are obvious things like Buffalo being home to New York's only NFL team, traffic in Manhattan being beyond extreme, Queens having some extremely confusing street names, and more.

The video is pretty funny, and you can check it out below:

New York's Most Miserable Cities

According to Road Snacks, these are New York's 10 most miserable cities because apparently everything is going wrong there.

As for what determines how miserable a city is, Road Snacks compared 169 cities using Census data and other scientific stuff from other "legitimate" sources. They looked into divorce rates, commute times, cost of living, and other statistics to whip up this "fun" new list.

In the end, these 10 cities were deemed to be the gloomiest in New York State.

Gallery Credit: Megan

5 Upstate New York Cities Named Friendliest In New York State

New York sometimes is viewed as a rude state, and maybe deservedly so at times. But, for the most part - there is plenty of FRIENDLY in the Empire State and plenty of good people passing along kindness every day. The friendly is ever present at these 5 Upstate New York state - recently named the friendliest in the state by WorldAtlas. And they are not only the friendliest, but among the most beautiful as well!

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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