One dumb mistake by two people got the WHOLE group in big trouble.

Whenever you're camping or exploring on state land, it's important to be aware of the rules and regulations in place. We're not saying to memorize all of them, but you should at least know the ones that involve what you're planning to do in the woods.

Especially if you have as big a group as these people.


Forest Rangers Horn, Martin and Rusher were recently sent to the Town of Shandaken in Ulster County after receiving an interesting call. There were around 60 people setting up camp on Giant's Ledge, located within the Slide Mountain Wilderness.

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After meeting up with the huge group, the Forest Rangers found out they came from New Jersey. They planned to set up camp in the wilderness, without staying at an official campground. The three Forest Rangers applauded their ambition, but had to educate the trip leaders on New York's wilderness regulations.


Primitive Camping Regulations

Though primitive camping is allowed in the state, a campsite must be at least 150 feet from the nearest road, trail, or body of water. Secondly, camping for more than three nights OR in groups of 10+ people requires a permit.

All of which the large group of 60 campers were breaking.

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The Rangers only issued tickets to the camp leaders for exceeding the permitted group size. They were then also given information about several legal camping sites in the area.

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