We can't be the only ones who were confused by this new stop sign.

You're sure to see a number of weird and obscure things on the side of the road in Central New York. From abandoned bath tubs to "Let's Go Brandon" signs, we have it all. But who knew we'd have "one-of-a-kind" sign like this.

Credit - Carl Neff
Credit - Carl Neff

Obscure Stop Sign

This little guy has been turning everyone's head in West Utica. You can find it at the crosswalk on York Street, in front of the Utica City Swimming Pools heading north.

From a distance, you are completely thrown off by this unique stop sign. What looks like it just says "to" on the typical red octagon, the average person immediately thinks "to what?"... Unless that was just me and every other person who stopped to take a look.

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It appears after closer inspection, someone simply went and spray painted the "S" and "P" from the sign. To be honest, if you're going to be dumb and vandalize the sign, you could at least be more creative or use better paint. Out of all your choices, you picked a stop sign.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But regardless, the spray paint did enough to make everyone driving on York Street scratch their head. Vandalizing any sign is illegal and extremely dangerous, but this one especially. These signs were added last summer to better protect people crossing the street to enjoy the public pool.

Adding a distraction at a popular crosswalk could lead to a serious accident.

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No word has been given to when the sign has been replaced or if it already has. It was still up as of 8:00pm Thursday. We will let you know as soon as we receive an update.

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